Riley's Run for Aortic Health

All Proceeds to benefit the John Ritter Foundation!

Riley’s Run Race Day Instructions!!

Riley’s Run is almost here!  It is going to be an incredibly fun and beautiful course!  Here is some information to help you pick up your stuff and have a flawless run:)  

Packet Pick Up--

Parking--When you pull into the HIdden Valley WIldlife Area (11401 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA --off Arlington Ave, directly across from the cemetery), you will follow the road approximately 1 mile to the Nature Center (there will be signs directing you).  WHen you reach the Nature Center, Parking will be on the right in a dirt field.  There will be signs and volunteers directing you to the parking area.  You will have to drive across the paved bike path so be cautious and on the look out for both people and bikes!  Parking in this area will open at 6:30 am.  At 7:45 this parking will close, as we have to have the course clear.  If you do not arrive by 7:45, you can park in any of the dirt lots along the mile-long road as you drive in.

Race Morning--Come early and stay late!  Check out our vendor expo, our Aortic Health Info book (there will be a Plinko game--$1 to drop your disc!--to win candy, shirts, and a free entry to next year’s race!), and The Nature Center (it will be open for us!).  After finishing the race all participants will earn a medal and can grab fresh fruit and a re-usable Riley’s Run water bottle full of thirst quenching water to reward your 5k effort:)  

Vendor Expo:  Don’t forget to bring some spending money!  We will have Girl Scout Cookies, Lularoe Leggings, Pain Products, Max Muscle and more at the start/finish area.  Riley’s Run will also have a booth with information on Aortic Health and a Fun Game--PLINKO!  $1 to drop your disc and try your luck--everyone is a winner--candy, shirts, or even a free race entry to Riley’s Run 2018!.  

The Course-

You will begin your 5k trip in front of the HIdden Valley Nature Center.  At the starting horn you will run out, towards the dirt area where you parked. You will cross the road and make a left on the bike path.  You will run down the bike path (heading east) just for a quick minute and then do a U-Turn (we needed to get a little more distance to reach 3.1).  After the U-turn you will be heading west on the bike path.  You will now follow the bike path for almost a mile, winding through the wildlife area and encountering your first hill.  Shortly after the hill you will be rewarded with a water station!  Continuing past the water station you will eventually come to signs directing to turn will cross the road again and continue on a new bike path that makes a loop, about 1 mile long.  At one point there will be a ‘fork in the path’--stay to the left!  There will be cones and signs, but if you somehow miss the wall of cones, and come to a nursery you’ll know you are off course!  The loop will wrap around and you will come to another water station--this one will have Rice Krispy treats if you need a sugar boost--shortly after this you will cross the road again and will be back on the original bike path--heading east.  Now you’ll have a little more than a mile back to the Nature Center.  You’ll hit the first water station again, going the opposite way--grab some fluids for the final hill and home stretch!  You will turn left after the hill to cross the road a final time and finish where you started, in front of the nature center.  3.1 miles done!  

There are lots of grassy, areas at the start/finish to hang out, enjoy the vendor booths, and cheer on the runners!