1k Kids' Run:

The 1k Kids' Run will be run at 9:15am so hopefully you can run your race and then cheer on your kiddos!  You are welcome to run along side of them also, just take off your bibs prior to running with them or it'll mess up the timing!  All kids will receive a medal too!

We are redesigning our Kids race...it will stay in front of the Nature Center, running in a large loop around the start/finish area.

The Course!!

This year the run/walk will take place at the Hidden Valley Wildlife Center in Norco, CA!

Click this link for more information about the park!

There are multiple aid stations with water on the course.  The 5k will pass one of the aid stations twice and one of them once, for a total of 3 visits to aid stations.  The 10k will pass both of the 5k aid stations twice.  Aid stations will have water and possibly some other fun treats!

5k Route:  Runners will start in front of the Nature Center and follow the dirt path to the bike path.  At the bike path Runners will turn RIGHT (this is a change from previous years).  Now Runners will be heading west on the bike path for just over a mile (there is a steep down hill and up hill during this segment).  Shortly after 1 mile, Runners will be directed by volunteers and course markings to make a right, cross the road, and continue on the bike path now heading towards the Santa Ana River.  This loop is your second mile and as Runners make their way back up to the road at then end of the second mile they will encounter a gradual climb. An aid station awaits you near the top of this climb!  Once arriving back at the bike path Runners will now head back to the Nature Center (the steep down hill and uphill will be repeated with less than 1/2 mile to the finish!), Runners will turn left just after 3 miles and finish back where they started, in front of the Nature Center.

You will now proudly be wearing your medal!  Oranges, bananas, and water will be available at the finish! Stick around to cheer on the finishers and meander through the vendors that will be set up on the grass area on the other side of the finish line!   Don't forget to visit the Riley's Run information tent to learn more about our cause!

Riley's Run for Aortic Health

All Proceeds to benefit the John Ritter Foundation!

Close up of the trail portion.  Trail is mostly single track and not technical.  Some sandy portions

10k Course: 

The 10k course is NEW this year and will be composed of approximately 4 miles on paved bike path and 2 miles on dirt trails!  If you've never run a trail race before this is the perfect introduction to the sport of trail running!!  The 10k course will begin in the same way as the 5k course above.  About 1.25 miles in there will be signs and a volunteer directing 5k runners to stay left and 10k runners will take a slight right onto the trails!  When on the trails you follow the course markings (ribbons, arrows, and signs) for about 1 mile.  The trail portion will rejoin the bike path and then you will soon find yourself on the course with the 5k runners again.  After passing the 2nd aid station you will cross the road and turn left on the bike path.  At about the 3 mile mark signs and volunteers will be directing 5k runners to continue straight and you, the 10k athlete, will make a left and repeat the loop you just did.  You'll revisit the trail section and pass the aid station again.  All 10k participants will be counted and marked to make sure both loops are completed.  Upon reaching mile 5 you will have completed 2 loops and volunteers will direct you to continue straight and finish the race!

After Party!

All participants and there Friends and Family are invited to the After-Race Party Zone!

There will be vendors,  music, food, and friendship following the race! Race participants, volunteers, and friends/family are welcome to stay for the fun! 

Goody Bags, T-Shirts and Medals!

All participants will receive a Shirt,  goody bag and medal for finishing!

Legacy Runners--Have you run Riley's Run for a total of 5 Years!?!?!  Make sure to mark YES on this question and we will verify and you will get a special LEGACY RUNNER SHIRT in addition to everything else!  

 If you run our race for 5 years you will become a LEGACY runner--Legacy Runners will get an extra shirt, have a special sign in their honor, and other perks in the years to come--every year after the 5th year!

Goody Bags will be distributed at packet pick up--Location for packet pick up will be determined as we get closer to the race but it will be in Corona.  Inside your Goody Bag you will find all sorts of items donated by our sponsors including coupons and samples!


Well-Deserved Finisher Medals will be awarded as you cross the finish line!


T-shirts for all participants will also be handed out with your Goody Bag!!  Pictures and details of the shirts will be posted soon!

Age Group Awards!  Special Awards for our overall winners in the 5k and 10k (1st-3rd).  Age Group Awards 3 deep for each race also!

Boys 8 and under

Girls 8 and under

Boys 9-12

Girls 9-12

Boys 13-18

Girls 13-18

Men 19-25

Women 19-25

Men 26-30

Women 26-30

​Men 31-35

Women 31-35

Men 36-40

Women 36-40

Men 41-45

Women 41-45

Men 46-50

Women 46-50

Men 51-55

Women 51-55

Men 56-60

Women 56-60

Men 61-65

Women 61-65

Men 66-70

Women 66-70

Men 71-75

Women 71-75

Men 76-80

Women 76-80

Men 81+

Women 81+